Are There Real Clinical Resources Supporting The Claims?

There are and they are all detailed in the ENDOLLS book "The Burning Path Ahead." There are hundreds of references that are not included here, as it would expand the page to incredible lengths. Additionally, there are women all over the world that have provided us anecdotal proof of ENDOLLS benefits.

Why Haven't I Heard Of This Before Or Had It Recommended?

ENDOLLS was formulated by a biochemistry student after many failed attempts by endo specialists to help his wife's endometriosis and adenomyosis. Since its conception in 2019, it has rapidly started to grow worldwide. You have heard of us now, if you hadn't, you would have soon.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis & adenomyosis?

Symptoms can vary in number and degree of severity. Some of the most common ones include a swollen or bloated abdomen, heavy/prolonged bleeding during periods. There may also be anemia as well as spotting between cycles or even difficulty achieving pregnancy due to adhesions being present in your reproductive system.

Why does my stomach look larger? 

Endometriosis is responsible for abdominal swelling, it can also be exacerbated by estrogen spikes. This is primarily seen due to abnormal digestive waves.

Why do I need to urinate so frequently? 

Erratic signaling, as seen in endometriosis and adenomyosis,  can affect bladder capacity depending on their size and position.

Is endometriosis or adenomyosis causing my constipation? 

This could be the case, constipation and diarrhea are common symptoms in endometriosis and adenomyosis. Constipation varies dependent on estrogen levels in endometriosis.

Could endometriosis be causing my backaches? 

Yes. Backaches are a common complaint of women who suffer from endometriosis and/or adenomyosis.

Will ENDOLLS work if I have severe endometriosis/adenomyosis? 

Yes. ENDOLLS specifically targets the biochemical pathways that allow for the maintenance and growth of these lesions. Properly regulating these pathways can keep them from evading the immune system, a common tactic used to grow and spread.

Is ENDOLLS effective for both endometriosis and adenomyosis? 

Yes. ENDOLLS helps your body remove endometriotic lesions by making them unstable. Most of our customers have both conditions. It's generally rare to see someone that has only adenomyosis and not endometriosis. 

How Does ENDOLLS Works 

What is ENDOLLS? 

ENDOLLS is an all-natural and hormone-free supplement formulated by a biochemistry student that can gently but effectively degrade endometriotic lesions. 

How does ENDOLLS work? 

Its mechanism of action is through targeting the biochemical pathways that allow endometriosis and adenomyosis to grow and evade the immune system. Key pathways targeted are estrogen-based inflammatory pathways, growth factors, hyper-estrogen programming, endometriotic cell reprogramming, amongst others. If you are receiving your free book, the mechanisms are explained at a higher depth there.


How much should I take? 

ENDOLLS is a two-phase formula. Take one Revitalizing+ capsule with 8 ounces of water, preferably on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Take one Renewal capsule with 8 ounces of water mid-day, preferably on an empty stomach. 

How soon will I notice results? 

Results will depend on the severity of symptoms, but most women notice improvement within the first day. Noticeable symptoms that can be seen lessened within the first day are bloating, normal bowel movements, painless urination, fatigue reduction and pain relief. Most women will see most symptoms reduced to a minimal status within the first month.

How long will I need to take ENDOLLS? 

Most women tend to feel completely normal after three months. However, since endometriosis and adenomyosis are genetic conditions, this means the conditions are prone to returning, the unfortunate reality is that they may need ongoing management. However, most women are able to skip days after three months and only take the supplement to maintain or as needed to deal with flare-ups.

What to expect from ENDOLLS? How can I tell if ENDOLLS is working? 

The simplest way to tell whether ENDOLLS is working is to track the frequency and severity of your symptoms and note the difference while on ENDOLLS. Most women note a decrease in their symptoms the very same day. Most users become aware of ENDOLLS working, it is a fairly noticeable difference. All users have very high pain tolerance as a result of these conditions. Most women state they didn't realize how comfortable they were with the pain before taking ENDOLLS.

Will I feel uncomfortable?

It is extremely uncommon to have uncomfortable symptoms as a result of ENDOLLS. You may experience dry mouth or itching initially. If you have severe cases, you may feel light cramping due to the reset of wave patterns in your digestive system. However, most individuals find ENDOLLS provides tremendous relief, gently. 

What happens to the lesions?

Since the biochemical pathways necessary for endometriosis and adenomyosis are targeted, the lesions can degrade. Since endometriosis and adenomyosis are known immune invaders, altering these pathways allows the immune system to find the lesions. As the body finds the lesions and processes them, the body removes them as waste and is naturally expelled in the urine and with the normal menstrual flow.

Will I notice any change in my urine? 

Maybe. Some women initially do report slightly darkened urine when taking ENDOLLS. 

Will my periods be heavier?

Some women do notice a more watery or thickened flow, dependent on severity, during the first cycle or two. This is normal, especially if you have adhesions or adhesive factors within your fallopian tubes. Women have reported not noticing any discomfort associated with this. Generally, this subsides and a lighter menstrual cycle should become the norm.

Will I see any spotting between periods?

Some women do notice mild spotting during their first couple of cycles. Most women see a reduction in overall menstrual bleeding. Generally, spotting is uncommon as time passes by.

Will ENDOLLS shrink my swollen stomach? 

ENDOLLS is specifically designed to target the causes of bloating and belly swelling. Additional doses can be taken if a flare-up increases your bloating. Generally, this is seen in spicy or saucy foods, so an additional dose prior to consuming these foods is highly recommended.

Will I sometimes feel more swollen in my breasts or abdomen when taking ENDOLLS? 

No. Generally, any sort of flare-up or trigger can cause breast tenderness or bloating. ENDOLLS has generally been seen to reduce breast pain and breast cysts.

Safety & Interactions 

Is ENDOLLS safe? 

Yes. ENDOLLS is all-natural and the individual ingredients are safe well clinically studied. 

Does ENDOLLS have any side effects? 

During your first cycle or two, you may notice a slight darkening of urine, itchiness, dry mouth and possibly an abnormal flow. This is normal and generally dissipates within a couple of days.

Does ENDOLLS interfere with normal clotting? 

No. ENDOLLS does not interfere with normal blood clotting in otherwise healthy people. If you have an existing bleeding disorder, please consult your doctor before using ENDOLLS.

Can I use ENDOLLS if I'm anemic? 

If you're anemic due to chronic blood loss from especially heavy periods, it's best to check with your doctor before taking ENDOLLS. Most individuals with chronic bleeding see their first complete reduction to a normal flow with ENDOLLS.

Will ENDOLLS interfere with the effectiveness of my BC?

An unfortunate interaction with ENDOLLS is BC. It is advised not to combine BC and ENDOLLS. The mechanism of action is highly targeted to specific pathways needed by endometriosis and adenomyosis. Similar pathways are used by BC. BC can negatively affect ENDOLLS overall performance.



Is ENDOLLS effective for women nearing, in, or past menopause? 

Yes, and most women notice an even more dramatic increase in energy and pain relief.

What if I'm undergoing hormone therapy? 

Please discuss with your healthcare provider regarding this supplement and seize the therapy. Again, it is highly advised to not mix the two as it can cause adverse side effects. ENDOLLS is extremely effective at targeting endometriosis and adenomyosis in a way not seen with any other medication or supplement out there. Hormonal therapy can negatively affect these mechanisms.

Will ENDOLLS work if my periods have become irregular? 

Yes. In fact, ENDOLLS has been seen to promote normal cycles and reduced bleeding. In most cases, bleeding becomes predictable, lighter and much shorter. 

Will I notice any bleeding or spotting while taking ENDOLLS?

Perhaps. Some women with endometriosis do report minor spotting for a short time when starting ENDOLLS. Generally, this side effect is uncommon.

How will I know ENDOLLS is working if I no longer have a period?

Improvement can be seen as a reduction of symptoms in the following, but not limited to; swelling/bloated, pelvic pain, nerve pain, frequent/painful urination, leg/back pain, and enjoyable intercourse.


Does ENDOLLS affect fertility? 

ENDOLLS has been seen to improve fertility in women. ENDOLLS users have reported being able to conceive while taking ENDOLLS. This is especially true if you are prone to adhesive build-up within your fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Can I take ENDOLLS while trying to conceive?

ENDOLLS can help with fertility, however, due to the White Willow content, it is advised to stop taking ENDOLLS if you do get pregnant.

Endovan has not been studied in pregnancy. If trying to conceive, please discuss with your doctor before using Endovan.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship to (my country)?

ENDOLLS ships worldwide. At checkout you'll be quoted real-time rates for shipping to your country. Feel free to contact us so we can provide the most cost effective way of getting ENDOLLS to you!

Is ENDOLLS guaranteed?

Absolutely. ENDOLLS is backed by our risk-free 90 day money-back guarantee.

How do I initiate a return?

Simply contact us at endolls@supplement-secrets.com.