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Great timing!

I have been dealing with endometriosis for many years. This supplement is the first time in a long time that I have felt more normal and happier overall. I look forward to the continued benefit.

Amazing product and customer service

I originally gave a 4 star review, only because my melasma flared up within the 1st cpl weeks of starting Endolls. I also had stopped my progesterone so it could have been that.
Immediately after my review, the Endolls team reached out and asked if I had any questions and offered help with the melasma. They were so kind and thorough. But that's not the only reason I changed to 5 star review. This is my first period while on Endolls and WOW, what an improvement! Not only did it help shorten my period by 3 entire days, but it was lighter and it helped TREMENDOUSLY with my PMDD. Thank you Endolls. You are a lifesaver!!!!

After taking 2 months for me, i have no more severe cramps, sweat, cold hands, cold body and nauseating anymore.
I was in the ER, Urgent Care and the Drs. all said the same thing “ take birth control or get a hysterectomy”, when im still young and want a family of my own.
I am now sharing my success stories with my friends on Endoll and how im pain free from monthly period.

So far so good

I have been using endolls for almost a few weeks and I think so far it has been definitely helping with my mood and with pain. I have not yet gotten my period while on it yet so I will update the review when that occurs. One downside I noticed is that it seemed to flare my melasma up a little bit so I'm hoping that will lessen once my body adjusts to enrolls. But so far so good. It's helping.

Supplement that actually works!

Endolls is one supplement that has truly changed my life! With Stage 4 endometriosis this is one product that has drastically changed the way I feel. I am no longer having really long/heavy periods. The mental fog and fatigue are at minimum and I’ve been able to start working our regularly. I still struggle with cramps but I am not in bed 3 days now! I can still function in my life with only one day being the bad. That’s a huge improvement!!! Thank you Endolls for caring and taking this condition seriously. The customer service is amazing as well and will answer any questions that you have!

Real Pain Relief

I have stage IV endo with a frozen pelvis. For years, I have had daily, debilitating pain. I was taking prescription level doses of ibuprofen for it, and wrecking my stomach in the process. Carefully avoiding wheat and dairy didn't stop the pain. After starting Endolls this year and taking it daily, my symptoms have gradually regressed. I am now off of ibuprofen. The pain that used to make it hard to sit (or sit still), or even talk, is now twinges here and there, or nothing. I can't account for the difference any other way- it is the Endolls. It is worth the investment.

Magic In A Bottle

I have Endometriosis Stage 4 and ENDOLLS is the best thing I have EVER come across. I will be forever grateful. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Endolls helping labor-like period pain

My 19 year old daughter’s endometriosis has been getting progressively worse to where she’s cramping all month long and she has labor like period paid on her menstrual cycles. She immediately noticed pain relief by the 2nd day of taking the Endoll pack! We’re still cautiously optimistic but as the days go by she’s feeling more and more relief! I’ve also noticed that her skin is getting clearer! Super happy we found this product.

Greatly helps my endometriosis just had a few of the packages damaged. Glass broke. Otherwise all good

Cant thank the Endolls team enough, have always answered my questions promptly and the medication works. Thank you Endolls for improving quality of life.

5 months of use and counting...

Firstly, I want to say this is an honest customer review. I am not paid by the company or sponsored in anyway (in case you were very skeptical like I was). I came across Endolls through an endometriosis support board. I had surgery in April of 2022 and discovered I had stage 4 endometriosis and was able to have about 80% removed with an endo specialist. Some of the endo had to be left in place to preserve fertility, as well as the complicated nature of those locations (bowels, lungs etc). I was also informed I had adenomyosis at that time as well. None of this was a surprise to me given the symptoms I had been having, as well as the inability to conceive despite 7 years of trying. While surgery helped my pain, I still felt like I could use something to help me manage the IBS symptoms, leg pain, back aches, gluten sensitivity, anxiety etc. I decided to try the Endolls pills after reading the Endolls book, “The Burning Path Ahead”. It has taken me about four months to start to see some improvements, but what I have seen has been worth it: no more CRAZY fatigue, the extremely heavy bleeding and clotting has completely stopped, there is less bloating, the overall pain level during my period is manageable with over-the-counter medicine, my anxiety is nearly non-existent (I can’t stress how bad this was before) and my periods are generally 7-8 days instead of 9-10. I still have some issues and given that I was stage 4 I think that’s reasonable, but I am hopeful that I will continue to see improvements overall with usage. I know some women are hoping to improve their fertility with this supplement, but I can’t speak to that since I am not pregnant and have never been able to conceive. If you are on the fence about this, I would suggest giving it a try. I was extremely skeptical but with the improvements I have seen, I’d say it’s worth using it for at least a few months- plus their customer service is exceptional if you have any questions!

Beyond my expectations!

First, I must say this is not a business.
These are very genuine people who sincerely care and really want to help.

I have had many years of debilitating chronic pain due to endo/adenomyosis on my LFCN nerve in my leg.

Over the years, I have tried many different natural things for pain and nothing worked.
In my searching, I came across Endolls and was very curious to see if it would do anything for me and I decided to give it a try.

After the first month, I didn’t really notice a significant change in pain, however as each month passed it got better and better!

After being on Endolls consistently for about 4 months, I now only experience mild flareups!
I just can’t believe it!
These supplements have truly given me real lasting relief and have given me a quality of life that I did not think would ever be possible.

I am extremely grateful to have found Endolls and to the scientist who has dedicated so much time and effort into making them.
Many heartfelt thanks!

If you’re suffering in pain, please at least try them. They’ve done so much for me.

This supplements are life saver!!!
I couldn’t believe in how much pain I was living with my endometriosis.
These supplements helped me so much to deal with my pain .
It really works wonders and truly recommend them for those who suffer with endometriosis pain !

Excellent customer service and products work amazing. A+

Endolls review

I have just started my first box of Endolls. I actually feel better and I'm not in as much pain as before. I still struggle with fatigue, but I know that is an issue with our disease. I am looking forward to continue using and hopefully feel more benefits. I am continuing to order. Well worth a try if you are considering

ENDOLLS - Indulgence
Karena Higgins
Painful periods Gone

I noticed a significant change the first week of taking Edolls. Less cramping and now no pain during shark week . Definitely recommend

Has helped me stay off birth control to manage symptoms ❤️

Working well!

I have stage 2 endo and adenomyosis and since being on endolls my energy is through the roof, I have less fatigue and think about the pain in my uterus much less. Cant recomend them enough. I'm about 2 months in and hopeful for the future.

ENDOLLS - Indulgence
Christina Goldsmith
Recently diagnosed

I am 42 and was recently diagnosed with adenomyosis when I went in for a consultation for an ablation. My gynecologist informed me that it would most likely not be successful because of this condition, and my only real option is a hysterectomy or waiting for menopause. I chose the latter and figured I would just have to deal with this until that time comes, but started researching any possible alternatives. I came across Endolls and have been on it for two months. I cannot believe the difference this supplement has made!! This has not only helped with bloating, but regulating my bleeding and alleviating the major pain that I was having with my cycles. I cannot thank the creators of this supplement enough!! Eternally grateful.

Endolls saved my life!

I was diagnosed with an adavanced stage of endo and adenomyosis. I experienced the most excruciating pain in my life. I had to endure this at least twice a month that would last 3-5 days. It was absolutely exhausting. Being dosed up on painkillers and bed ridden, was a rubbish way of life. I fell into depression! I then came across Endolls. They really did save my life. Within 24 hours, the pain eased and the bloat vanished completely. I no longer have pain or swelling during my cycle. I take these supplements daily without fail. I can finally exercise again and feel good about myself. Ladies, don't suffer. You really have nothing to lose by trying these. You won't regret it.

Cramping Gone

I have had super painful agitated uterus and noticed within the first week these products really help . I feel my hormones are balanced as well and I’ve lost 15 pounds without even trying 🖤amazing


Being misdiagnosed for 7 years 28, and ttc for 10, I have never felt more understood. I am almost done reading the burning path. I wanted to wait for a full cycle to see the full spectrum, I could cry. I have had a lap done. I have been told I have minimal options for children and im already overjoyed because my period is so small I just have 1000% trust in this company. Prenurse student here and this had made me want to continue to help women sooner than later find this company. You guys are truly beautiful. Thank you for understanding me giving me and my husband hope. The fact that you could break down all of my unexplained symptoms through science when doctors couldn't was a green flag for me. I havent seen this much compassion and respect for my situation in person by professionals. You were able to give that in writing. Thank you to you and your lovely family. It was meant to be. I have sent your companies name to people ai don't know, coworkers, and even tik tokers because we deserve to understand. You took the time to help us with this. Being so lost before this, I am very greatful l.

Review for the book ONLY

I wanted to write a review strictly for the book if you’re interested in learning more about these supplements. While I have been taking the pills for about a month, I haven’t noticed enough of a difference to judge yet- so I will review that later.

If you’re like me, you be wanting to know more about this company and the science behind the supplements before you start taking anything. As women with endo/adno, many of us have a great mistrust in the medical community due to years of failed attempts at feeling heard and helped. This book IS a great place to start. The book could not be more throughout at describing the process used to develop these pills and the science behind the process. A lot of questions that I have had for YEARS were answered, and a lot of the things I have heard directly from my endo surgeon were also included in this book. I truly believe this company wants to do well by women like us. If you’re at all questioning whether or not to start these supplements I recommend you start by just getting the book. Then you can safely judge for yourself.

Endo Magic

I heard about Endolls on an endo Facebook group. Like everyone I was skeptical but preferred a natural alternative instead of prescriptions. The Endolls website and FB page seemed low budget so I downloaded the book on my Kindle and read about the product, ingredients, and research studies. I tried Endolls for 1 month for free (just paid shipping) and felt so much better...less endo discomfort, more energy, less anxiety. My doctor approved of the ingredients. I took it every 2-3 days for a couple months, then every other day for a couple months, and now daily. The only side effect I've had is itchiness for the first month or so. I've been taking it for 6ths now and continue to improve with the supplements, an anti-inflammatory diet, and regular exercise. If skeptical, at least give it a try.