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This is life saving

Endolls has helped me so much, I have been taking this since 2022. I don't take it every day anymore just when I feel a flare up coming. This has made me be able to have a normalish life. I would recommend this to anyone for is dealing with endo.

Time will tell

I've been dealing with endometriosis for as long as I can remember. The cramps have always been horrible, but they get worse during intimacy or going to the bathroom. The only time I ever felt relief from my symptoms was when I was pregnant, but obviously that doesn't last forever. I tried IUDs, birth control patches, hormonal and non-hormonal bc options, etc. Nothing helped. I found ENDOLLS while searching for a miracle. I've only been on it for a couple weeks and haven't really noticed much difference so far, but I'm hopeful that I'll see some major changes in my symptoms after being on it for a while.

Feeling less bloated! And excellent customer service

I was diagnosed with Endometrosis when I was 23 Years old, I’m now 35 and I’ve been always seeking for something natural to easy my painful life.. but at some point I just gave up and I had to live with the idea of just adapting to the pain for the rest of my life... I started taking Endolls at the time I was feeling so bloated in my abdomen area like if I was caring a heavy balloon..
So far I feel much better Its hard to believe, but so far so good after a week of taking Endolls
Also I had an amazing customer service. after making a mistake on my first order their response was so quick and the issue was resolved right away Thank You!

ENDOLLS - Flawless Essence Advanced Duo

Life saving!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 12 years ago and had surgery to remove a large cyst at that point my OBGYN told me it was the worst case of endometriosis she had ever seen. I even had spots on my liver and in the future I would need multiple surgeries. I have never had any other surgeries but I have lived with varying degrees of pain over the last 12 years. Within the past two months my pain has become so severe I was living with a heating pad and taking aleve on a fairly regular basis. No matter what I did my pain would not subside. I was considering a hysterectomy. I was doing some research on the internet for any supplements that would help and I came across ENDOLLS. It sounded so promising and I love how it was designed especially for endometriosis and how it targets the root problem not just masks the symptoms. So I immediately ordered it!!! I was desperate!! And I’m so happy to say it has not disappointed. I’m about two weeks in and my pelvic, lower back pain and bladder pain has subsided to almost non existent. I have so much more energy and my mood and spirits are lifted!! And my period started a couple of days ago (this was the biggest test) my bloating, pain and bleeding have gone down dramatically. I haven’t even taken any pain relief and on one of the previously worst days of my period. I was able to walk 14000 steps around Boston on a day out with my family virtually pain free!!!
ENDOLLS really is life changing if you are living with endometriosis. Before you consider birth control, medication, or surgery please please try this!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ it’s worth every penny. I’m so thankful there is someone out there that has taken the time to come up with a natural product that truly targets only endometriosis and has no side effects. This has been a God send! Thank you!!!!

Best Supplement

I have been taking Endolls for a little over a year. I have tried every supplement under the sun to help with my endometriosis and adenomyosis. This has helped shorten and lighten my periods. I have less pain during my cycles and no longer have breakthrough bleeding during ovulation. I wish I had found this supplement sooner.

These have changed my life! I only have severe pain 1 or 2 days verses before it was daily all month! I didnt know if they helped or not first 3 months but they do! Thamk God.

At first wasnt sure but these lil pills have changed my life!! Along with the other ones..Love them!

This has helped me so much!

Honestly you need to buy it. I was so worried but this has helped me i haven’t had my period taking these pills yet! But I’m waiting for it lol, it’s helped me so much with pain. Using the bathroom! You need to try it. I’m only 19. It feels like it’s cleaning my insides of my colon in a good way. Numbed the pain

Helped me at my most desperate time

Just when I thought I had to wait until my surgery to feel relief my husband stumbled upon this brand. I truly thought it was a scam. I read the book and have been taking endolls for 2 months now and I cannot even begin to explain the relief I have felt, it has truly helped so much with my endo flares and inflammation. Indulgence has allowed my to have a night out with friends without being in terrible pain.

Finally something works!! Incredibly Fast Results!

My history: I’ve been suffering from acute Endo symptoms (and fibroids and cysts) for the last 10 years but I was symptomatically diagnosed with Adenomyosis when I was 17 - and diagnosed with Endo when I was around 28 - I’m now 42. This disease has severely impacted every aspect of my life and I’m usually bed-bound from severe pain for 5-7 days of my 24 day cycle and experience pain for 12 days of my cycle - so 50% of my life is usually in pain and I have terribly heavy periods to the point of hemorrhaging. I’ve had periods up to 3 weeks long. I’ve avoided excision surgery as I’ve never been fully convinced of the long term results but out of sheer desperation I *almost* had a hysterectomy last year - which as you all know is also not a cure but I was so desperate I couldn’t think clearly. I’ve tried every natural way to help ease the symptoms - and spent huge amounts of money on functional medicine docs and Ayurveda and special diets and different supplements and and books, well, you all know what I’m talking about lots of money and time educating myself because most conventional medicine has pretty much failed to help at all .
BUT the results from Endolls have been absolutely incredible and this is only my 1st month! My energy levels have been through the roof (apparently this is what non-endo ppl feel like), I haven’t felt the need to nap/fade out during the day, I took about 50% less painkillers last period, I was able to be more active during my period (I was even able to enjoy a holiday!), during the worst pain and bloating I also took the indulgence pill and pain/bloating decreased within 1hr. I have experienced the itchy skin side effect but it does go away - also not enough to make me stop. My first period on Endolls was 3 days shorter @ 7 days instead of 10! how?!! Still pretty damn heavy 1st period but less mega clots. I feel like my brain is turning back on - and that’s kind of a shock tbh. With some learned cautious (super) optimism - I’m so excited to see where the second month takes me. This is the fastest and biggest improvement in symptoms I’ve ever experienced. I hope all Endo/Adeno ppl have a chance to try it and see for yourself! I hope it works for you too!
Thank you Endolls team - what you’ve done is nothing short of amazing!

Wonderful company and product!

I am low income so buying Endolls is a Big purchase for myself. I am floored by the generosity of this wonderful company and deeply grateful. Thank you for making my pain manageable it's helped my mental health and my body health.

ENDOLLS - Indulgence

ENDOLLS - Indulgence
Jacqueline Fleenor
Indulgence works great

I've had good success with Endolls products for Endometriosis and Indulgence is another product that works great.
I'd like to see the products available in a liquid option for people who have Esophageal issues and cant swallow pills. 😊👍👍

It really works!

I have lived with endometriosis for a long time learnt to deal with the pain during my lunar cycles. For the last three years the pain became unbearable even ibuprofen kept me in bed and in pain. I started to dread my lunar cycle and sometimes had panic attacks during the cycle when the pain was at its peak. Recently, I also suffered from anxiety. Tried a lot of things but nothing worked. When I read about ENDOLLS I was skeptical thought it was too good to be true but decided I need to give it a shot, because honestly there was no other route for me.
The first day I tried it, I experienced no anxiety for the first time in 2 months. I knew the anxiety was related to endometriosis but the doctors did not acknowledge this. I have not experienced anxiety since the first day I started.
I have finished 2 lunar cycles, the first cycle was heavy. The second cycle feels calm and normal. There has been no abnormal pain/endo belly nor did I feel the need to use ibuprofen, this in itself speaks volumes about ENDOLLS.
I felt I was slowly losing myself but thanks to ENDOLLS I have started feeling like myself and hopefully.
I would also like to mention how helpful you have been in answering questions and concerns, thank you 🙏

ENDOLLS - Indulgence
Andrea O'Donnell
Turning a corner

After multiple ER visits this year I had a hysterectomy. They told me I had endo on my bowels and ureter. My order of Endolls arrived just after surgery. I was scared to take them at first. I can't handle anymore complications or issues right now. After reading a good but of the book, it all made so much sense. Within a week, I noticed a difference in my pain level and big difference in my bowel movements. I can't wait to see how I feel fully recovered and with more time taking Endolls under my belt. I even sent a copy of the book to my OBGyn.

WOW! Can't wait to see what the 3rd month brings

I have to say after 20+ years of dealing with painful debilitating menstrual cycles this was the first time I could actually function during my cycle. This is my 2nd month with Endolls. The 1st cycle was pretty much the same as always but this last cycle you could truly see differences when it came to pain (MUCH less), less fatigue and hardly any digestion issues. The only "downside" I had this month was more clotting than normal (day 2 & 3) and my cycle was 10 days rather than 5-7 days. But the flow throughout the period was actually much lighter than normal. I could actually wear an overnight pad rather than an overnight pad and period panties at the same time. Such a big difference.

Didn’t work for me

Unfortunately this product didn’t work for me at all. It made my skin and hair extremely oily, and my cramps and period were so much worse and lasted much longer as well. I was hopeful that I would see any improvement like others have, but I didn’t have that experience.


Muy ...bueno tratamiento,pero me gustaría saber si es bueno tomarlo en el embarazo si llegara suceder?
Y tener más información sobre endolls.

A difference!

I have stage 4 Endometriosis. My cycles are extremely heavy and painful. This is my 3rd month on Endolls. I've noticed a difference in the pain, it's not as bad. I can maintain my normal life routine. I'm hoping the heavy bleeding will ease up and I'll be good! Still hopeful, better than anything else I've tried!

ENDOLLS - Indulgence
Jennifer Auker
Finally answers

So thankful for the GENEROSITY of this company! My daughter had lived with agony, absolutely dreaded her cycle. Ibuprofen barely took off the edge. First cycle with three weeks of ENDOLLS behind her… she came home from school, in disbelief. “Mom. I’m not even sick!” We had tried so so many things. Headaches too are diminishing! Such a blessing. Can’t wait to see how much will get better.

Feeling better

I'm almost finished with my first month and the abdominal pain is less and I'm very grateful for that relief. Thank you so much for caring about us as women and our struggle with endometriosis!

Endolls helps

I started taking endolls about two weeks ago and can honestly say that it has helped relieved some of my endometriosis pain. I do not feel as bloated as well as sleep better at night. I will definitely keep taking endolls, thank you!

ENDOLLS - Indulgence
Christella Romulus Blanchard

ENDOLLS - Indulgence


Amazing service. The product speaks for itself , it’s life saving. Please if you have endometriosis this is the only product that has helped me live a normal like. I only conceived with endols and I’m so grateful for their products, their patience in me bothering them constantly and quick service. Thank you